Our Robotics Workshops

Nothing can inspire you more than articulating your idea through something made with your own hands.

Thus, Robotics workshops are designed keeping activity based learning in mind. Our workshops are conducted in a project-based learning environment. The curriculum is designed to get deeper into concepts through assimilative learning, where we continuously build upon previously learnt concepts.


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Robotics Workshops

Our Primary Workshops:

IMG_14022016_014311Developing sound knowledge of mechanical robotics, which prepares the ground for electronics and programming involved in robotics on the top of mechanical boards.

In this introductory workshop, we aim at introducing the major concept of robotics. And what better way to do that than learning how to make a simple, but completely functional ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle). All the circuitry associated with the remote control will be made by the students during the workshop, as we do not prefer any ready to assemble object. Thus, students learn everything from scratch.

• ROV Robot with Arm: The primary task of the robot in consideration here will be to move in all possible direction of a level flat surface and use its mechanical arm for actuation.

IMG_14022016_014056This makes you pro in programmable robotics using all of the concepts together with programming using arduino and other micro-controller boards.

Using an open source ‘Arduino microcontroller’, students will get their first taste of programming and automation. We will conduct various activities throughout the workshop to familiarise a student to the concepts of electronics and how they can be leveraged to use with a development microcontroller board like Arduino. Through the IDE students will learn a very easy way to code their Arduinos, hence being able to utilise them in their own DIY or robotics projects.

IMG_14022016_014423Teaching Scratch, a drag and drop programming interface. Sharpening the mind by interesting functions and small algorithms but away from the hassle of syntax.

Using an open source ‘Arduino microcontroller’, students will get their first taste of programming in robotics. We will be using an intuitive programming interface known as ‘Scratch’ and drag and drop programming to automate various aspects of a robots, like lights, motors etc. This is a simple yet powerful tool to get into programmable robotics and a gateway to exploring other DIY and Internet of Things (IoT) projects.