Robotics Workshops in Schools

It is very hard to hold the attention span of students these days. With all the information age wizardry, and the charm of Internet, their focus is ever shifting. Our Robotics workshops are designed to cure just that!

They are a balanced blend of hands on fun and theoretical knowledge of STEAM [Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths]. Students participating in these not only build something tangible, but also learn to implement important concepts of STEAM.

Let’s face it, robots are cool. These workshops convince students to dive deeper into robotics and automation, which in itself is a very fruitful and satisfying hobby. They have various career opportunities in technical and non-technical fields. These workshops are designed to challenge a student’s creative limits, and maybe even surpass those! Innovation is generated when students start thinking outside the box.

Sometimes, Robotics seems overwhelming and complex to students (well, even to us adults). However, after this workshop, they will be able to challenge this norm. 

Complex robots can be made using simple materials- our creativity is only limited by our imagination. The entire goal of these workshops is to initiate this idea into a student’s brain.

Automation & Robotics Workshops

Workshop Series

Our introductory robotics workshops targeted at schools. This one is designed to develop a student’s interest in STEM and robotics, both as an academic pursuit as well as a fulfilling hobby.


DD-ROV: Soccer Bot

Our introductory workshop in school robotics is an important one for any first-time learner. This workshop is their first step. We teach the absolute basics of mechanical robotics and electrical connections.


Fire Fighter & Rope Traversal

These are two continuation workshop after our introductory workshop. These workshops explores different types of locomotion and actuation, and provide a wholesome knowledge of the topic


Using Development Board

Arduino Workshop Series

Development boards have made ‘DIY-ing’ extremely easy and convenient. Thus, even we educators find it to be an extremely good tool to use, while teaching electronics concepts.


Arduino Icebreaker

A practical, all activities-based workshop, to make students understand the ins and out of a development board such as an Arduino microcontroller.


Diving Deep With Arduino

An all activities based workshop, to make students learn some intermediate uses of the development board. Comes after the Arduino Icebreaker workshop.