Our Programs for the School

Learning how to build robots, not only teaches students about science and technology, but also provides them with the satisfaction of building something tangible. This program of ‘learning through building’ makes the knowledge acquired in the process more fun and long lasting.



What we offer.

IMG_14022016_014311Our after school activities and programs in the field of robotics are unique. Many providers divide robotics into regimented segments and courses. We look at robotics from a makers perspective.

The main goal through our after school activities is not, to teach students all about robotics (i.e. our secondary goal), but to provide them will all the necessary resources to become a maker themselves. We believe that the only way one can learn robotics.

IMG_14022016_014056More and more schools are reporting a classroom crisis, and a lack of a technically trained staff. Due to the esoteric nature of the subject and the constant need for updating your knowledge, it becomes really difficult to find staff who can develop and provide a full-fledged robotics/technical education.

We at Rootstalk want to take that problem out of the equation by training your existing staff on the latest courses and robotic systems.

IMG_14022016_014423In setting up a robotics lab one has to think about various factors. First of all, the infrastructural requirements, and the support framework build around it, so that students can really have all the experimentation powers at their fingertips. Secondly, a structured curriculum, which can leverage the infrastructural prowess of the lab, and help deliver all the essential knowledge required for experimentation.

Both these endeavors cannot be achieved overnight, and they require months, if not years of dedicated planning and hard work. However, with robotics education solutions like Lego, MakeBlock, Cubelets, LittleBits etc. starting out on this daunting journey is no longer that difficult. In all honesty, for a state of the art robotics lab, all of these solutions are necessary, to give students the maximum exposure.