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Wonderboxx Air & Wind

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Key Features-

  • Educational Activities
  • For above 5 year Old
  • Safe and Interesting Activites

Product Description

Description –

The concept of Air is a mystery to children because they can’t see it, smell it or taste it. With our September box, equip your children with the tools, materials and techniques to discover the magic of air and wind. As your child navigates and tinkers through the products, properties of air will be inculcated and understood. It’s time to observe, experiment and create!


Explore, Create and Learn with our ‘9‘ activities

1.DIY Parachute
Help your child create & understand the concept of air resistance and gravity.

2.DIY Windmill
Help construct a functional model to understand wind as a source of energy.

3.DIY Battery Fan
Engineer a working battery fan and observe the science behind converting electrical energy to wind energy.

4.DIY Magic Paper Fan
A cool paper fan that encourages creativity, art and craft skills.

5.DIY Air Jack
Experiment and watch the power of air pressure.

6.DIY Airplane
Construct a model airplane and strengthen problem solving skills.

7.Balloon car
DIY balloon car that helps your child understand wind energy and power by making his own car.

8.My Experiments Book
The book extends learning about air and wind with playful experiments, games and puzzles.

9.Parent feed
Easy ideas and expert articles will hold your hand through your journey as a parent.


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